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Video Experts Academy (IT SEES) is a club formed by leaders and experts in different areas related to the industry from the video and digital marketing. Anxious minds that share a same passion.


Alfredo Urdaci
Journalist - News Director of 13TV
Antonio Cantalapiedra Asensio
CEO Spain & Portugal MyTaxi
Gerard Gracia
CEO, Masukiga
Javier Piedrahita
Founder of MarketingDirecto.com
Jesºs Cubero
Director of Marketing and Communications KFC Iberia
Jose Mª Moreno
General director of the Spanish association of video-games (AEVI)
Juan Jos© Delgado
Professor in IE of digital strategy
Lewis Amarante
Ambassador of Max Factor Espa±a
Video Marketing Trends Report
(29 pages)

The first report developed by the Video Experts Academy that shows the numbers behind the industry of Influencers Video. If you are professional of marketing, communication, you work in an agency, consultant, mass media, technological company and want to know the data the sector, now you can accede to a unique study in the sector.

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Speakers Bureau
Leaders in different areas

The members of SEE it represent the club in multiple forums and international congresses where it is the community of Digitalis and Video Marketing, the new practices tendencies and best.

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Experts Dinner
Eat & Talk

The members of SEE we were joined annually to know us personally, to enjoy unforgettable encounter and to do networking with great experts in different areas.

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Vlogger prizes
Evaluating committee

The Video Experts Academy (IT SEES) realises a main pursuit of the Bloggers Video of national scope. The analysis concentrates twelve months of activity in the last and analyzes so much individually the performance of the videos as a vision holista of the channel of the Blogger Video.

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