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Evaluating committee €“ Vlogger Prizes

The Video Experts Academy (IT SEES) realises a main pursuit of the Bloggers Video of national scope.

The analysis concentrates twelve months of activity in the last and analyzes so much individually the performance of the videos as a vision holista of the channel of the Blogger Video.

The evaluation of the work is sustained in five great pillars:

  1. The capacity of the Blogger Video to develop to formats of contents shot-form and long-form: documentary tutorials, shorts, series, films or.
  2. Its capacity to develop to works of edition of contents as well as scriptwriter to tell to histories in format video €œstorytelling€.
  3. Its capacity to understand the own channel of digital video.
  4. Its capacity of representation on the category which it represents.
  5. The capacity of the Blogger Video potentially to develop its professional race in other scopes: cinema, theater or the interpretation generally.

From IT SEES bet by an integral development of the Blogger Video, being understood the channel of the Digital Video as a tool that can develop the capacity of the creators to multiply its professional development in different independent scopes. For the experts of IT SEES, a winner of Vlogger Prizes must maximize the performance in each one of the previously detailed pillars.

When being a confidential subject, from IT SEES do not publish the specific details of the evaluation of each one of the pillars; staying confidential the generated algorithm to classify the performance of each Blogger Video in this year.