Enterprise consultant's office



Contro Mano Brain Contro Mano Brain manages the change that needs your company to do it more competitive with a sustainable growth in the time.

Our services cover all the functional areas with the company so that coordinated form and with the maximum efficiency and yield work of.

This we will do respecting and developing it the authentic values that have let grow their company to create better surroundings for the employees, the clients, the suppliers and for the society generally through socially responsible activities to do of this world better.

| Mentoring
| Acquisition of abilities
| New developments
| Marketing and communication
| Enterprise Organitzaci³n


Our activities are delimited in the time, by means of typologies of intervention in agreement with the specific needs of each client.

Part tricks out of

You will have a professional of the management that will accompany only the time to him that is necessary based on the needs.


Adapted when the project requires an intense intervention during a certain period of time.


Necessary when low or vacant weathers must be covered.

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