Instagram Reels: What is and as it works
24 September, 2020
Instagram Reels

The past August, Instagram sent a new functionality destined to discover and to create short videos, from tracks of audio, to share them with the followers. Reels has arrived being above hard in a while in which Tik Tok, small an exclusively dedicated platform to create and to share clips of videos was in the heat of height.

We explained to you what is Instagram Reelsas funcionay because of its success:


Functionalities Instagram Reels

What is?

With Instagram Reels, you can create videos cortosde maximum fifteen seconds with many creative possibilities of effects and music. You can directly share these videos with your followers in your Feed or to go to all the community of Instagram, whenever you have you do not have the private profile of account.

How it works?


Instagram Reels


In order to begin to record a video or to publish one that you have recorded from your gallery, you must click in the part inferior of the camera of Instagram where it puts €œReels€. From here, it will be much more easy to form the characteristics of your video:

  1. It looks for a song of the library of music available in Instagram or selects audio an own one.
  2. It selects the effect that goes better with the video style which you want to record.
  3. It chooses the timer if you need to burden without hands.
  4. It changes the speed of the video or music if you see it necessary.
  5. When or you have your Reels, you will be able to share it in Instagram Stories or to send it by direct message.

In order to see the videos of a profile in particular, it is necessary to go to the eyelash of Reels that is in the part superior of the Feed de Instagram.

Why it is as much successful?

Everything began with the great success of Tik Tok that, although was sent in September of 2016, the massive use of this network began with the confinement by the Pandemic of the COVID-19.

Facebook, dice the 2018 failure that tube the launching of its application of short videos called Lasso and taking advantage of the threats president Trump to block Tik Tok, has thought that it was a good moment to return to try to supplant it and to invite the users to go to a site certainly will not disappear more.

Although it seems surprising, it is not the first time that Facebook tries €œto copy€ a functionality of a competing application, also we saw it in Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

What is clear, is that Generation Z will continue using new forms to communicate and to be the others by means of the creativity and humor. The videos have contributed a warmth to the social networks that before did not have, showing of more realistic form the life of the users.

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