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Doesn't Your company count on a computer science department?
From Contro Mano we make your available a team of professionals specialized in different areas from the digital world with an only objective: To give answer to your needs.

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Computer science solutions for your hotel, restaurant or cafeteria.

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  • Terminals of system and point of sale of management of the establishment.
  • Reservations system online.
  • Digital letter.
  • Orders online.
  • System of loyalty of clients.
  • Reservations system for tourist hotels and different establishments connected with channels.
  • Software of management PMS for hotels and tourist establishments.


Management solutions for establishments.

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  • Terminals of system and point of sale of management of the establishment.
  • Order and reservations system online.
  • System of loyalty of clients.

Vertical products

Solutions of office automation and software.

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  • 365 Office and 365 Office total protection.
  • Anti-Spam and malware-email.
  • Encryption of email.
  • Backup copy accomplishment online.
  • Anti-virus cloud centralized.
  • Software of management ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integrable with store online or platforms of transaction.
  • System of registry of labor schedule.
  • Software CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


Programming to size and digital transformation.

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  • Integration of webpage with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) of the client or software of third parties.
  • Programming in accordance with specific functionalities of the client, calculator of costs, etc.
  • Digital transformation of processes:
  • Automatization and/or computerization of processes of the client.
  • Orders of work.
  • Management of machinery.
  • Other processes.
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