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Enric Gispert Ornosa

Director development of new businesses in Thinketters

I have had the luck to be able to work with the best professionals of marketing of this country, and the satisfaction
as much obtained by the learned thing as by the secured objectives, they have caused that my work becomes
in my passion.
In recent years I am managing the talent in YOUTUBE, to the being THINKETERS, partners certificate of
Google for YOUTUBE, creating digital platform TUBETTERS (www.tubetters.com).
We are a MULTI-CHANNEL NETWORK aggregators of brands. We are able to project to the maximum your
visibility in the network. And we harnessed the Talent not only personal but also of brands.
I began in the financial world to evolve to the management of companies. I have managed the private sector and
But where really I have found my niche has been in Marketing, and more concretely in the MANAGEMENT of
BRANDS. I have been able to advise to many professionals personally, and to them I must be thankful for growing day a
day, as professional and person.
Now we entered and we began our trip by the world of the Social Networks, being an inexhaustible one
knowledge field: You accompany to Us.