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The video as it starts off essential and fundamental in the strategy of marketing of the companies has been the central axis of the first edition of NewVideo Congress.

The video as it starts off essential and fundamental in the strategy of marketing of the companies has been the central axis of the first edition of NewVideo Congress.

With more than 400 assistants, this professional encounter has reunited to the best experts of marketing, producers, representatives of agencies and creators of content.

Presented by Jennifer J¡±ez, journalist of LaSexta, and after a brief introduction of the hand of Juan Jos© Delgado, professor in IE Business School and co-founder of NewVideo Congress, the day with the communication of Jesºs Cubero, director of Marketing began and Communication of KFC Iberia. During its presentation, Cubero explained how its company is taking to end a digitalization process to relaunch the brand in different countries through new forms from communication online, strategy in nets social and is present at of influencers in campaigns.

During the congress also it was spoken of the possibility of quantifying the audio-visual impact through the neuroscience. Jaime Guixeres, scientific coordinator in the Lableni Institute, was the one in charge to draw the characteristics of the neuroscience applied to marketing. According to the expert, €œthe neuroscience is able to undress and to measure the emotions of the consumers against the audio-visual consumption€.

On the other hand, Trist¡n El³segui, founder of Matridiana, approached the subject of the video as part of the digital strategy, and are that according to the expert €œthe video is a facilitator of the communication, is a flexible format, of high impact, that causes that we can communicate of a very effective way with our future client€.

After this chat, it was the turn of Mar­a Jos© Romero, Main Expert of Digital Solutions of Minsait, with a communication in which the function of the video as key element and differentiator in the client experience was exposed.

Later, there was time to speak of e-Sports (competitions of video-games) of the hand of Manuel Moreno, general director of ESL Spain. In his communication, he approached how e-Sports has become the new sport of masses that moves to digital generations, in addition to serving as a key vehicle as marketing and a generator as income. €œThe fans are taking to the electronic sport of competition to the vanguard of the sports and the entertainment. The community of players has grown until becoming a specific ecosystem that includes spectators, players, publishers, distributors, leagues, organizers of events and brands€, concluded.

After this chat, a communication with the title €œTechnorytelling and the case of Pernod Ricard€ was celebrated. Pablo Galiana, development of business in Foxize, and Paco Recuero, director of marketing of Pernod Ricard, was the ones in charge to present the conclusions. Both agreed in affirming that the traditional campaigns of publicity do not count histories. €œStorytelling has evolved thanks to the technology. Now, we spoke of technorytelling€.

After them, Elena Neira, consultant of Marketing and New Technologies in The other screen, the future drew of the television with a communication titled €œthe TV after Netflix and Amazon€. During her speech, the expert in marketing made a prediction on the tendencies of the conventional television, how she is changing to the model of the advertising business and the world of the measurement of hearings and how she is going to be the new spectator. According to Neira, the conventional television has been forced to adapt due to the digitalization of the content and the new technologies that have extended the possibilities that have the users. €œA new concept has been born from hearing that consumes at differed and different moments€, it added.

The brands as new communication channels went another one of the subjects to debate in NewVideo Congress. During the communication of Jaime L³pez-Amor, Executive Producer in DIP 360, was spoken of the brands and its new paper in the communication. In agreement with the expert, the brands tried to arrive at the users through other people's channels and with aggressive images of impact and that, in many occasions, created rejection to the users. €œWith the irruption of the technology the brands have realized that the users choose what wants to see, and for this reason, are generating a content with added value and useful for the user whom they distribute through his own channels. Therefore, the brands have become content publishers and the owners of their own channels, which comes to be mass media€, explained the assistants.

Enric Gabarr³, Head New Business Development in Divimove, and Estela Melgar, Account Digitalis Director in Isobar, presented before the assistants the process that the brands realise at the time of establishing a strategy cross-platform. On the other hand, Emilio S¡nchez, director of contents in Flooxer, spoke of this platform of short videos that is revolutionizing the world of the seen one of contents. Also, the way in which the users can sail between million contents, was a subject of debate lead by Fernandez Cinchona, Strategic Partnership in Tviso.

The irruption of streaming

Jordi Cirach, Digitalis Brand Strategist, and Jaime Est©vez, CEO of News Agora, were the experts in charge to set out the new tendencies of streaming. In this sense, social live streaming, or the creation of video in direct through social networks, was the starting point of both communications. According to, Cirach €œthis new tendency is used by the brands to humanize and to create a narrow bond and engagement with the ususario€.

The reality increased and virtual in marketing

Edgar Mart­n-Blas, CEO of New Horizons VR, was the one in charge to set out the new tendencies of the marketing and the introduction of virtual reality and increased. According to the expert the virtual reality or is influencing in traditional marketing, because not only it is used to communicate a product or a concept, if not that adds new parameters as, for example, espacialidad sensation. €œThe virtual reality is a vitamin that we add to marketing, in addition to being a communication channel used by many sectors€.

Cases of success and the professionalisation of videoinfluencers

During the congress, there was also time for the presentation of important cases of success of and well-known campaigns.

Felipe Jim©nez, director of Tuiwok Studies-Endemol Shine Iberia; Javier Pizarro, Western Europe Content Manager of Coca-Cola; Nuria Gim©nez, Senior Digitalis Manager of Coca-Cola; Malale Sanchez, Account Director in Ogilvy& Mather Publicidad, and youtuber Rush Smith, they presented the case of success of Coke TV. According to Rush Smith, €œthe key so that brands and youtubers work is search a balance and not to hide the product €œ.

On the other hand, the creative well-known of microcontents Jorge Cremades and Carlo Danza, Managing Director of PopCont.TV, set out the success of the campaign of the Kalise ice creams and how it has been the transition of the use of digital traditional celebrities to influencers. €œThe creators of contents we are those that we are moving marketing €œ, it assured Cremades.

Also Playstation was others of the companies that exposed one of their better campaigns of the hand of youtuber Tonyemcee, and accompanied of Blanca Form¡riz, director of Operations of 2btube, and Sertxu Sanchez, Digital Media Manager of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Finally, Cristina Andreu, publishing supervisor of Spain in a Day, were the last case of success presented in NewVideo Congress. This project and film directed by Isabel Coixet, are an example of crowdsourcing, in which more than 22,600 videos of anonymous people they have contributed to create a global story of the Spaniards.

In addition, Abi Power, Rush Smith and Sylvia Salas, known youtubers participated in a round, moderate table by the journalist and presenter of NonStop People, Natalia Sprenger. During the animated debate, these creators of content counted, from first person, what a professional point of view means to be €œto videoinfluencer€ dese. Also, they explained what steps follow at the time of creating a sponsored content, how they work with the brand in the creative process and how they make to arrive at his hearing.

The day concluded with the intervention of Gerard Gracia, CEO and organizer of NewVideo Congress, that picked up the main conclusions of the event, affirming that €œthe video consolidates as a powerful industry beyond the total entertainment, and thus has been demonstrated with the communications presented in NewVideo Congress€.

NewVideo Congress has counted with the sponsorship of Vlogger Prizes, with the collaboration of Foxize School, The Valley DBS, IAB Spain, BCMA Spain, Minsait by Indra, Super 8, News Agora, Audio-visual Innovation, JCDecaux, Totto, ISDI and with the institutional collaboration of It is Madrid.


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