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Luis de Val

Founder of Youplanet

Luis de Val is a businessman specialized in the production and distribution of audio-visual works for digital cinema, television and platforms. On 2015 he founds YouPlanet, a producer of digital video, live content for social networks and spectacles with more than 1000 million visualizations in YouTube.

YouPlanet reunites to some of the best creators of Hispanic speech as AuronPlay, Wismichu or 8cho. In addition a year one has become the company leader of hearing and public in his live spectacles around all Spain.

Also Luis de Val worked as director of the division of Spanish cinema in Manga Films from 2002 to 2005. He founded Average Films on 2005, where I make debut as producing with films as €œI am the Juani€, or the awarded one with 3 Goyas, €œthe trick of the one-armed one€. In 2012 he decides to concentrate in the distribution of cinema collaborating with Inopia Films.