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Remigio Lluch

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Enthusiastic of the Strategy, Marketing and the Digital Transformation.
Preparation to help new companies To become Digitally, to develop to more solid and competitive models of business in a more and more digital world where the technology, the innovation and the consumer as central axis of the action of strategic great business is €œdrivers of the change€.
I have developed, sent and accelerated all type of enterprise projects, as much B2B as B2C, in as diverse sectors as: the distribution, the Mass media, the Consultancy and Services of Marketing and, mainly, projects in Internet.
Internet has taught to me that can be made a Marketing €œReal Time€, with the consumer as center of the relation in the business action (Customer Centric), with the innovation as axis of all the processes of marketing and business, with the intelligence of usuary client/as main source of knowledge for the decision making of marketing (Trazabilidad, Analytical Digitalis, predictive Data Marketing, Tools,€¦)
Defender of a model of management based on:
€“ An Integrated Marketing 360º in totally digital surroundings
€“ Clear center in the ROI.
€“ The value of the emotional communication as great vehicle to connect usuary brands and consumers/
€“ The value of the segmentation strategic to know better the usuary clients/, to understand better its needs and power to offer more and more customized products and services and of greater value for these at the same time as we increased the value by client for the company (LTV).
€“ The importance of the strategies Multi-channel, Cross-platform and Multidispositivo to truly transform the businesses and of acceding to new markets and new consumers
€“ Of the importance of listening and of having a discussion with the users to construct a lasting relation and, mainly, to construct excellent brands of consumer (RRSS, PR,€¦)