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Trist¡n El³segui

Founder and consultant of Marketing AT Matridiana

I'm currently to founder of Matridiana, to consultancy firm specialised in online marketing strategy. We cover version from To to Z, from strategy diagnosis and definition to campaign optimization. Our motto is €˜we want to sees part of your team€™. We plows to group of senior marketers that love to do the job personally.

I'm specially focused in strategy, online marketing, digitalis analytics and social average.

I started working in digital marketing in 1.999. Since worked then for I've companies (Movistar TV, ING. Direct, Vocento) and digital marketing you get hold of (iCrossing, Secuoyas, Click! Marketing), under I've acquired experience in both €œsides€.

Additionally I teach and give conferences about digital marketing, Web analytics and social average in several schools and events (Kschool, Institute of Company, ESADE, Expomarketing Bogota, Ned Lima, Digitalis Day Mexico, CEU, Ecommerce Day Chile, ISIL, ESDEN, University of Palermo, IAB Argentina, Innovate Bilbao, Congress Web Saragossa, Thursday Conversion€¦).

I've books cowritten three. The last (Analytics Marketing: how to defines and measure an online strategy).

Personal My blog you have been awarded every to year since it's was launched (2009 to 2016).