Art: the Language of the Soul

Art is the highest form of human expression. This is one of the factors that enabled us to become the most dominant and the most sophisticated animals in the planet. Art is also a testament of how far we have come as a civilization for art is a reflection of the human race. Truth be told, owning an artwork is a sign of a luxurious life. Not everybody has the privilege of owning one because they can be expensive. The most expensive artwork known to man is worth a whopping one hundred six and one half million dollars. With that amount of money, you can give a dollar to more than a million people (mind blown). Despite that being said, art is a wonderful investment if you choose the right one. Some might think that buying art is a gamble, well, it is not. You just need to be equipped with the right knowledge for you to do the right thing. Furthermore, here are some reasons why you should buy fine art.

It is beautiful

You can literally stare at it for hours and be happy by just doing it (no hyperbole intended). This is because art communicates directly to our soul: this is the mysterious enigma of art. Nobody knows how a simple sheet of canvas can convey emotions that can’t be expressed in a thousand words. By just hanging a simple portrait, a room can be transformed. Some studies even suggest that by having still paintings in rooms can increase productivity. This is because it inspires us to think and imagine. It also allows us to ponder upon our existence and provides us a brief moment to reflect on ourselves. If that is not enough reason for you to buy fine art, just read on.

It is a wonderful investment

One thing about fine art that most people do not understand is that the older the artwork gets, the higher its value will be. Unlike cars and gadgets, artworks appreciate in value. This means that the longer you keep the artwork (provided that it is in pristine condition), the more money you will get when you resell it. This is the reason why fine art and art selling is a multi-billion dollar industry today and is still increasing in value every day. Aside from that, owning an artwork is a symbol of elegance, sophistication and a fat pocket. So if you want your peers to think highly of you, I have three words for you: buy fine art.

Our world is a sad, busy and unpredictable place. Things like art and a few other things make our lives a little bit easier to bear. It works like opium to our soul. It brings us the humanity in us and shows us that there is more to life than just money and other temporary things that will be out of your hand when you die. Just like what the great Pablo Picasso once said: “art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth”, art is the reflection of our existence as a society.

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