Best Materials Recommended for Outdoor Business Signs

The digital era might be introducing new technologies for promoting businesses via internet or other forms of media. However, the good old traditional marketing techniques of putting up outdoor business signs remain to be a practical option for business owners. If you decide to work with sign makers like Kingman Visual, do not get too consumed about the content of the sign. While it is very important that you take careful thought into the message on the sign, it is also important to think about the material you use. The material used will be able to keep your sign last for a long time so it can do its job of spreading your marketing message to your target audience.

You can use the guide below when you are working with building sign writers in Perth. It is important to use the information provided for each material so you can decide what to use when working with Kingman Visual or any other digital sign company design Perth has today:


Aluminum is the number one choice for making outdoor signs for businesses. Aluminum is available in a wide range of sizes and colors. You can also purchase pre-colored aluminum sheets. You have the option to color one side or both. The reason aluminum is fantastic as a material for outdoor business signs is due to the fact that it does not rust easily. It can last as long as other preferred outdoor materials; sometimes, it offers more longevity.

The only disadvantage to using aluminum is that it is highly flexible. It is not a good idea to use this material in between two posts. If you do that, it could be easily swept away by the wind.


This is a variation to aluminum that is now being widely used by businesses for making signs. It is composed of a strong, aluminum composite panel that is made with high-density, corrugated polyallomer core. This material will not corrode, rot or swell even when it is exposed to water for an extended period of time. If you are going to use alumalite for your outdoor signs, it is best to choose ones with factory-baked and acrylic painted aluminum face. This will not only provide it with a high-gloss brilliance but also make sure that the surface will not peel, chip, or crack.

Medium Density Overlay (MDO)

This type of material used for making business signs consists of exterior plywood panels. The panels are made with resin impregnated fiber overlay that are incorporated to the surface of the panel. This makes the surface look better long after it has been painted. You can also get this material primed or not. Either way, it is a suitable option for outdoor signs because it can hold itself well!

With an understanding of which materials are your best options for making business signs, you can go to Kingman Visual is one of the leading companies in Perth when you are looking for sign company Perth for LED signs today. They can provide you with various marketing tools to fit your budget and your desired marketing message.


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