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Cost Efficient Ways to Breathe New Life to Your Worn Fireplace

Having a fireplace adds beauty to any home. It makes the home cosier especially if there is a fire blazing in the hearth. However, if you have a typical builder home in Melbourne, your existing fireplace could look drab and dull. Although it may look nice and serves its purpose of heating your home during the colder months, its simple design may not look so appealing. If you want to give a fresh life to your fireplace mantel without breaking the bank, you can try using travertine tiles Melbourne contractors offer for it to have a luxurious look at an affordable cost.
Before you decide if travertine tiles Melbourne contractors offer is the right material to use for your fireplace mantel, you can also check other fireplace makeover ideas. Below are some fireplace transformation ideas that will truly transform your home.
1. Paints Can Do Magic
Adding a few coats of paint is the easiest and cheapest solution to update the look of your fireplace. You can pick a pop of colour that will serve as an accent to your overall theme. You can use a high heat paint for the doors and vents and paint the wall behind it in a complementary shade. Click here Pave World
2. Use Travertine Tiles
If you want to give your fireplace mantel a modern twist, you can opt for the ever durable Melbourne travertine tiles. These tiles do not easily crack as long as you give them the proper care they need. Travertine tiles are cheaper compared to granite or marble and are available in various tones and colours. Because travertine tiles can give almost the same finish as marble or granite tiles, you can have an elegant look to your fireplace mantle without having to break the bank. Travertine tiles Melbourne contractors offer are also environment-friendly and durable. Visit various suppliers first before you buy travertine tiles Melbourne wide so you can have a fair deal.
3. Build a Mosaic Out of Reclaimed Wood
If you want a rusty yet modern design for your fireplace, you can use reclaimed wood. You can score wood scraps for free from your local lumber yard. Recreate the entire project on the floor so you can pre-cut your scrap wood to your desired pieces. You can then stain your scrap wood with a colour of your choice before you attach the wood pieces on the wall around the fireplace.
4. Add Visual Interest and Height to the Fireplace
Most builder homes usually have a basic header, filler panel, leg, firebox, hearth and plinth base. To make the fireplace look taller, you can have a big piece of MDF attached to the wall. Make sure that the width is similar to that of the lower part of the fireplace and the height should be from the top shelf of the mantel extending to the ceiling. Adding crown moulding right at the top makes it look elegant.
The above are just a few tips on how you can give a fresh look to your fireplace. Whichever option you choose, always consider the cost and your budget. If you have the expertise and experience, you can also do the makeover yourself. Whether you opt for wood, stone, granite or travertine tiles in Melbourne, updating your fireplace will definitely add value to your home.

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